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rosesforthought [userpic]

!DS - Silent Moon (images)

May 14th, 2012 (12:39 am)
current location: southern California
current mood: busy

!DS Moi-meme-Moitie Silent Moon short OP in black and gold SOLD! (PAYMENT PLAN IN PROGRESS)
+ U.S. SHIPPING and INSURANCE are free for all items! :)
+ Shipping outside the United States is $20 (tracking not included, PM me)
+ I ship within a weeks of payment, but usually the day after if I have time :)
+ Priority goes to highest offer. I am completely open to longterm payment plans, and have even had buyers pay over a span of a few months! If you'd really love to buy one of the items but can't afford it all at once, please PM me! :) I'm not in a huge hurry to sell these items, and just want to get back most of what I paid for them.
My feedback!

worn only ONCE for a 2 hour meetup and then gently hand-washed -- in like-new condition

Bust/waist - free size (can go very far due to shirring - possibly even 42"+)
Length: 91.5 cm  (appears longer in coord picture because it was taken at an angle with my friend's iPhone! it is actually above my knees IRL)
Current offer: $550 (USD)

Long-term payment plans welcomed :)