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rosesforthought [userpic]

Everyday stuff!

March 20th, 2015 (09:01 pm)

I decided I actually want to start blogging about some simple life stuff rather than only using this LJ to cross-post my EGL sales.

Now that I have an iPhone, it's a lot less hassle to take and upload pictures, and since it's fun to keep track of things, I decided I want to try blogging every day, even if it's just recording purchases or making mini-posts with a couple sentences and a photo.

Today I have a small "beauty" haul. My order from Too Faced's spring sale finally arrived today!
I normally use Clinique Almost Powder Makeup over my liquid foundation, but the Too Faced Amazing Face powder was on sale for $15 each and had great review,s so I decided to jump for the bargain and bought two! I also purchased four eye shadows, which were only $6 each!
  IMG_3996.JPG no title

I also picked up my favorite daily moisturizer from LUSH. I swear this stuff gets more expensive every time I buy it. It was nearly $47 after tax >:(
It smells wonderful though, and for years it hasn't made me break out and is one of the few foundations that absorbs well and provides a good base under my makeup.

Don't be fooled - that container is tiny!

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